The Butcher’s Week 4 picks

Ole Miss -7 vs. Georgia

— I like Ole Miss to easily cover the 7-point difference in this one. Chad Kelly is probably the best pure QB talent in the SEC and UGA has struggled mightily to win its last 2 games. They’re lucky to be in the position they are at 3-0, only winning those games by a combined 10 points. I think the Rebs bounce back after a tough, come-from-behind loss to Bama and make a statement and turn their season around.

Michigan -18.5 vs. Penn State

— Michigan is far and away the most talented team in this matchup. Plus, this game is the Big House. I really think Penn State is just over matched in this one. They may keep it close early, but UM will pull away and win by 3 TDs or more.


Florida +7 at Tennessee

— I mean really you’re gonna spot me 7 points in a contest that one team has not won a game in in over a decade? This is a no brainier for me. Florida may have the most talented and explosive defense in the country. They fly to the ball and deliver punishment to ball carriers. I think they give Josh Dobbs fits and cruise to a victory.

Stanford -3.5 vs. UCLA

— Stanford is the definition of steady. They just keep winning and controlling every aspect of the game as they do it. UCLA is a talented team but they are very inconsistent, especially against top competition. Stanford should control the clock and chew out another victory.

Arkansas vs. Texas A&M, the over 49

— Both of these teams score points. I really think it’s as simple as that. One team may cover the the 49 themselves. Probably gonna be A&M if you ask me. Just 49 points? Really?

LSU at Auburn, the under 44

— Both these teams only scored over 30 once against non-Power 5 teams. If you look at the games against upper-level competition, the highest point total from either team is LSU at 23 against Mississippi St. I see this game finishing at about 20-17.

Week 4 gambling picks

By Dillon Durst


Utah -3 vs. USC

— Lock it up. Utah isn’t nearly as talented as last year’s team, but the Utes are very well-coached, and they get USC, who’s looking like a complete dumpster fire this year, at home on Friday night. What’s more, the Trojans will be starting a redshirt freshman at quarterback, the first start of his career, nonetheless. Utah wins by AT LEAST a score easily.

Michigan State -4.5 vs. Wisconsin

— While the Badgers are the 11th-ranked team in the nation, they certainly didn’t look the part in last week’s 23-17 win over Georgia State. After Wisconsin’s Week 1 win over LSU, it appeared as if quarterback Bart Houston had solidified himself as the Badgers’ starter under center. Now, Wisconsin’s repping two quarterbacks prior to this weekend’s game – which is in East Lansing – and we’ve all seen how the two-quarterback system has worked for teams other than Texas this year. They’ll need a big day from running back Corey Clement (197 yards, 3 TDs), but you know the Spartans will be keying on him – similar to how they attacked Zeke Elliott last year at Ohio State. Michigan State head coach Mark Dantonio seems to always have his team ready to play, and I look for the Spartans to easily cover at home.

Georgia at Ole Miss, the over 62

— So far this season, Ole Miss has scored 34, 38 and 43 points in its three games. The Rebels have also allowed opponents to score 45, 13 (FCS Wofford) and 48. Meanwhile, Georgia needed to score 33 to top North Carolina in Week 1, and allowed freshman quarterback Jacob Eason to throw the ball 55 times in the Bulldogs’ 28-27 win at Mizzou last week. Both teams are more than capable of scoring 30+ points.

Louisville at Marshall, the over 74.5

— We all know what Louisville brings to the table offensively, so I won’t even waste time with that. In two games this season, Marshall’s scored 62 and 65 points, and allowed Akron to score 38 last week. While the game’s in Huntington, WV, Louisville’s offense will still ball out. But, I expect Marshall to score some points too. I say that very, very cautiously this week, though. I wouldn’t be surprised one bit if we witness another 63-10 beatdown again this week. The Petrino machine is rolling baby and ain’t nobody stopped it yet!

LSU -3.5 at Auburn and the under 45.5

— Two horrible offenses and two good defenses. I look for an underwhelming, 23-19 LSU win on the Plains.

Pittsburgh at North Carolina, the over 67

— Pittsburgh’s offense is averaging 38.3 points per game through three games this season, while surrendering an average of 28 – the outlier being 7 in a 28-7 Week 1 win over FCS Villanova. The Tar Heels are averaging 42.7 points per game through three games, while allowing 25. UNC allowed Illinois to score 23 in Week 2 and JMU to score 28 last week. After squeaking out a 42-39 win over Penn State in Week 2, the Panthers lost, 45-38 at Oklahoma State last week. Similarly, UNC beat JMU last week, 56-28. Points, points, points.


Arkansas +6 vs. Texas A&M and the over 49.5

Florida +6.5 Tennessee and the under 42.5

The ACCountant’s Week 4 picks

I’M BACK. Rough week last week but oh well. I decided to spice it up some this week and I put real money down on these games. $5 on each game (big spender). Oh yeah and I’m already down $10 on the over in last night’s GT-Clemson game. Here are my picks. Fade them if you have any brains.

Utah -3.5 vs. USC

— USC is just really bad. New QB on the road, primetime, oh and they lined up for an XP block last week with 8 players. Pretty good strategy if you ask me. I like Utah by two scores.

Stanford -3 at UCLA

— I bet against Stanford last week and I have no idea why. Ryan Burns doesn’t seem like a very good QB, but even I could hand the ball off to Christian McCaffrey. I think Rosen throws 3 picks and Stanford wins by 10.

Oklahoma State +8 at Baylor

— OSU fans traveling to the game need to keep an eye on their ladies. Baylor players literally will rape you. Gimme Mason Rudolf and the points.

Florida +6.5 at Tennessee

— Can either of these teams score 6 points? I could see Florida’s defense scoring a TD or two on a Dobbs special. I actually like Florida for the win here, but I’m too much of a pussy to take money lines.

Arkansas +6 vs. Texas A&M

— Coach Bielema is going to eat so much food at Jerry’s World on Saturday before the game. Like so much. I bet he has a guy to monitor how much he eats on gamedays. Like a keep-back guy on the sideline, but he just stops coach from eating so much tailgate food he goes into a coma. Give me Arkansas +6, and I kinda like the over at 50 too.

Riverboat Dassey’s Week 4 picks

By Dang ol’ Dassey

Florida State -5.5 at South Florida

— Trap game? Trap spread? Don’t buy into the hype here. The Seminoles are not happy with how last week went down and I know Jimbo will have his team ready to go. Don’t be surprised to see some of Sean Maguire in this game too as Francois was shaky at times last week and against Ole Miss. Either way, this game should be over early as I’ve never seen FSU come out flat two weeks in a row.

Michigan State -5.5 vs. Wisconsin

— Aside from a fluke win against a questionable LSU team, at the moment, Wisconsin has done nothing to impress me this season. While MSU currently has one of the best wins of this season on the road at Notre Dame last week. This is a game Mark Dantonio doesn’t normally lose.

LSU -3.5 at Auburn

— As mentioned earlier, LSU is still a questionable team thus far this year, but they always show up for Les Miles when his seat gets awfully hot. The same can be said about Gus Malzhan, but unfortunately for him, the Tigers don’t know when they are supposed to come to play. Look for Fournette to go crazy again this week.

Florida +6.5 at Tennessee

— Not much into this one other than the fact I just don’t think Tennessee is any good. I’ve watched them play twice this year and nothing about them has impressed me. Meanwhile, Florida has been dominant on the defensive side of the ball and scoring at a pretty solid clip. The status of Del Rio at QB for the Gators might be a little worrying, but their D and running game should be enough to beat an overrated Tennessee team.

**Semi-Mortal Lock**

Louisville -26 at Marshall
— Sure, 26 looks like a lot, but this team just beat FSU by 43 and to say Marshall is a step down from that would be quite a large understatement. Lamar Jackson probably won’t see the field in the second half but will still put up at least 6 TDs. Added caveat here the over, whatever it may be, is a virtual lock as I legitimately wouldn’t be shocked if Louisville put up 80. Their offense is faster than Bobby Petrino on a dang ol’ motorcycle, yo. K


Texas A&M -6 vs. Arkansas

UCLA +3.5 (BUY HALF POINT) vs. Stanford


This bet will now be done on Twitter live at some point on Saturday, preferably once I’ve indulged in some beverages. Follow @Lord_Neill.

Heisman Power Rankings

1. Lamar Jackson

2. Lamar Jackson

3. Lamar Jackson

4. Lamar Jackson

5. Lamar Jackson

6. Donnel Pumphrey

The ACCountant’s Week 3 picks

The ACCountant is a Virginia Tech grad and a lowly Hokies fan, forever hoping for offensive improvement. These picks are low-risk, high-reward and sure to show significant financial returns. He’s also a satirical asshole.

ECU (ML) over South Carolina

— Will Muschamp is second to none when it comes to fielding great offenses. The problem is definitely not him. I’d say once he gets HIS skill guys in the system USC-E will flourish; similar to how it took him a few years to get rolling at Florida. They just have to be patient. But for now, Perry Orth sucks, Mcllwain might be okay, but he’s young and small, and I can’t name another player on their team.

— Here’s to ECU (who I have to watch beat VT every year) scoring a bunch of points, and Will Muschamp popping a blood vessel or two in his eyes.

— Key of the game: ECU needs to get Junior RB Anthony Scott in space, often. WR James Summers will line up as a wildcat QB (teams still do this?) and has 136 yards and two TDs so far this season.

Pittsburgh +5 vs. Oklahoma State

— Some people say I’m a numbers guy. I like to believe I’m more of a numbers guys, guy. So here’s a number: 1. If Oklahoma State wouldn’t have gotten screwed on 1 penalty last week, they would’ve won. Here’s another number: 19.5. That’s how many points OK State was laying last week. I think it’s fair to say they would’ve covered without that bad call.

— Here’s to Oklahoma State getting screwed on another late call and not being able to cover the spread because of it.

— Key of the game: Pitt needs to get pressure on Mason Rudolf consistently, and then control the game with James Connor. You do have to worry about a letdown for Pitt coming off a big rivalry win and then having to travel to Stillwater.

Miami -3.5 vs. Appalachian State

— Mark Richt, who is known for winning big games, will get his team ready. Show me one time App State has played well against an FBS team. This has blowout written all over it.

— Here’s to Miami not getting lost on the way to Boone, NC. I drove through that town last weekend, and I still don’t know where it is.

— Key of the game: Brad Kaaya needs to be the best player on the field.

Ohio State -1.5 vs. Oklahoma

— Big Game Bob at home against Urbs. What a great matchup. I don’t really have much to say about this one. I like JT Barrett, and I think Oklahoma is still attempting to untie the jock straps Tom Herman wrapped around their head Week 1.

— Here’s to Ohio State rolling because we wouldn’t want Urban to start having “heart problems” again…followed by 50% of his team getting arrested…followed by him taking a year off…followed by him going to LSU and winning another natty. But don’t worry, Ohio State, if that happens, I’m sure Will Muscramp will be available to bring you back to relevancy.

— Key of the game: “Ohio State needs to do what Houston did and they’ll win.” – Basically every ESPN CFB personality.

Vanderbilt +6.5 vs. Georgia Tech

— Is there a more likable face in CFB than Paul Johnson? But, anyway, the complexity of the triple option is getting harder and harder to stop, and PJ is showing why he’s always the smartest guy in his personal bathroom. I think the idea of being able to have three different players have the ball is really going to confuse this defense. Definitely since Vanderbilt’s academics are probably one of the least strict in the SEC.

— Here’s to GT having four different eight-minute drives that all end on PJ going for it on 4th down and failing. Then somehow kicking a field goal in the last minute to break a 3-3 tie.

— Key to the game: Derek Mason and Vandy actually proving that they have a good defense because who knows. South Carolina’s offensive performance in Week 1 would make WVU’s defense look good.

Week 3 gambling picks

By Dillon Durst

Virginia Tech -5.5 vs. Boston College and the under 42

— While BC’s defense is pretty solid this year (No. 3-ranked total defense), its offense is a nightmare. Same could be said about Virginia Tech, but the Hokies’ offense scored 24 against a pretty good Tennessee defense last week, and I still believe Bud Foster is one of the best defensive minds in the game. Either the Hokies win a close one – I’d say 17-13 – or it’s a blowout. Either way, you’re covered by one of these bets. *Double pistols*

Penn State -9 vs. Temple

— Penn State started slow against Pittsburgh last week, but found its groove – a little too late – and hung 39 points on a good Panther defense. I’ve been pleasantly impressed with first-year starter Trace McSorley (541 yards, 3 TDs, 1 INT), but if you want to stop the Nittany Lions’ spread attack, you have to stop Saquon Barkley. Pitt held Barkley to just 85 yards on 20 carries last week, but allowed him to score all 5 of PSU’s TDs. On the other hand, Temple looked awful in a Week 1 loss to Army. It’s still early, but, to me, it’s clear this year’s Owls aren’t nearly as talented as last year’s team that went 10-4 and beat PSU for the first time in 300 years.

Alabama -10.5 vs. Ole Miss

— I’ll just leave this quote from Ole Miss head coach Hugh Freeze right here: “I think they’re a little better defensively than they’ve been believe it or not, they’re faster.” Couple that with the fact that the Rebels have straight up embarrassed Alabama the last TWO years, and I’m almost scared of the ass whipping Freeze’s Rebels are about to be on the wrong end of. And do you think Saban’s not playing up the revenge card this week? I don’t think there’s anything on earth that’ll get a team more fired up to play than revenge. #RMFT

Florida State -2 vs. Louisville and the over 65.5

— Is Lamar Jackson for real? We’re about to find out. Louisville head coach Bobby Petrino’s offense is hitting on all cylinders right now, hanging 70 on Charlotte in Week 1 and 62 on Syracuse last week. The Cardinals will put points on the board, but their defense will also inevitably give them up, too. Deondre Francois is a legit Heisman contender after his second-half performance against Ole Miss in Week 1, and got a tune-up game last week in a 52-8 win over Charleston Southern. The ‘Noles clearly have the edge defensively, but the loss of star safety Derwin James, who’s arguably the best defensive player in the nation, hurts their ability to defend Jackson on the ground (Jackson is Louisville’s leading rusher with 318 yards and 6 TDs). Points will be scored, but I expect FSU to come out on top.

Ohio State -1.5 vs. Oklahoma

— Last season, the Buckeyes were so talented they couldn’t get out of their own way. This was evident against Michigan State, when OSU lost, 17-14, at home. Offensive coordinator Ed Warinner admitted this week that the Buckeyes’ offense was centered around getting certain players touches in 2015, rather than adjusting to what the defense gave them. This year, with third-year starter JT Barrett under center, OSU’s offense isn’t nearly as star-studded, but it’s cleared the way to allow it to operate like it should. The Buckeyes hung 77 on Bowling Green in Week 1 and 48 on Tulsa last week, and their D ranks No. 5 nationally in total defense. Urban Meyer doesn’t lose games like these, while Big Game Bobby Stoops has become notorious for losing them. Bucks win by a score.


Baylor -30 vs. Rice

East Carolina +3 vs. South Carolina

Mississippi State vs. LSU, the under 44.5

Riverboat Dassey’s Week 3 picks

By Dang ol’ Dassey

Ohio State -2.5 (BUY HALF POINT) vs. Oklahoma

— This here is just a great game between two really, really good and talented football teams. And to be honest, I haven’t seen anything in particular from either team that would make me give them an advantage over the other. High-magnitude games like this are always tough to pick/handicap, but I have always found that going with the better QB-head coach combo out of the two wins out more often than not. In this case, that would be the Buckeyes, who have an incredible big-game coach in Meyer, as well as a proven and mature QB in JT Barrett. For me, with Bob Stoops the whole “big game choker” narrative seems to be the rule, not the exception, as I just don’t believe he has what it takes to win in games like this. Baker Mayfield, while great last season, also didn’t have many high-pressure moments where he performed at a high level (i.e. his mediocre performance against Clemson). Look for Ohio State to take care of business here before losing an inexplicable game to someone like Northwestern in a few weeks.

Alabama -11 vs. Ole Miss

— Hell hath no fury like a Nick Saban team that is avenging a loss from last season. Hell also hath no fury like a Nick Saban team coming off an “unimpressive” 28-point win at home. As you can see here, Chad Kelly and the Rebels have more than one thing going against them. After watching Ole Miss severely struggle with FSU’s front 7 in the second half of their matchup, it’s scary to think of what an even better Bama front 7 will do to them. Combine all of this with the fact that the Tide finally have their QB situation figured out before mid-October, and it’s hard not to think that the Tide will roll heavy. Unless, of course, the PC police down in Oxford decide to bring “Dixie” back. Then all bets are off.

Oregon (ML) over Nebraska

— While this matchup is not at all common on the surface, it’s interesting to note that the two head coaches are very familiar with each other. Mike Riley, now at Nebraska, coached at Oregon’s archrival, Oregon State, for 13+ years before moving to Nebraska. Mark Helfrich has been a part of the Oregon staff since 2009. Oregon held a decided advantage in the series against the Beavers while the two were both in the Pac 12. After a few “down” years, it’s starting to look like the Ducks are finding their high-tempo, 60-points-a-game offense once again. And while Nebraska has put up some solid offensive numbers these first two games, I just can’t see their defense being able to keep up the entire game.

Florida State -2.5 (BUY HALF POINT) vs. Louisville

— I know, I know. I’ve seen Lamar Jackson play, and yes he’s incredible. And yes the Cardinals might score 35+ on Saturday. But you know what? It won’t be enough. Louisville simply gives up too many points (28 to Syracuse) and turns the ball over entirely too much (5 this season) to beat a Jimbo Fisher-coached team. As I mentioned earlier, the Seminoles’ front 7 is stacked with NFL talent, led by All-American DeMarcus Walker, that will eventually figure Jackson out and give him fits. The Seminoles also have a pretty good QB themselves in Deondre Francois, who reminds me of a more mobile version of Jamies Winston. I see Louisville using the home crowd early and coming out hot before Fisher finally can adjust his defense to Jackson, and then Francois absolutely shredding the Cardinals defense to jump into the lead in the Heisman race.


San Diego State -11 vs. Northern Illinois

— Donnel Pumphrey and the Aztecs are rolling, and Northern Illinois is a mess this season at virtually every position on the field, including QB. SDSU has won 12 straight games now dating back to last season and there are zero reasons to think that streak will end this week. While the Aztec defense didn’t look great against Cal last week, they made key stops and forced turnovers when they needed to. With Pumphrey now firmly in the national player of the year conversation (more on that later) and Cal behind them, SDSU can look forward to running the table and playing for “style points” the rest of this season. As I mentioned last week, don’t be shocked to see them make a case for a playoff spot come November, as well as Pumphrey making a trip to New York City. Just remember, you heard it here first. Dang ol’, yo.


This bet will now be done on Twitter live at some point on Saturday, preferably once I’ve indulged in some beverages. Follow @Lord_Neill.

Way-too-early Heisman Watch List

1. Lamar Jackson

2. Donnel Pumphrey

3. Deondre Francois

4. Greg Ward Jr.

5. Christian McCaffrey

66. Skyler Howard

Lines provided by Bovada 9-14-16 @ 11:30 p.m.

The Butcher’s Week 3 picks

Florida State vs. Louisville, the over 68

— Two Heisman hopefuls lead either offense, so points should be at a surplus in this one. As far as who wins this one? Idk? That’s why I’ll bet on the over.

Ole Miss +11.5 vs. Alabama

— Ole Miss got it done last year with Chad Kelly leading the offense and a couple lucky breaks that went in their favor. Although Ole Miss lost a lot to the NFL, they still have some talent on the defensive front. Bama is okay with a true freshman QB and this will be the biggest game of his life, but how does he handle the pressure? I think he makes a few mistakes. Oxford will be rocking for this one.

Pittsburgh +4.5 vs. Oklahoma State

I like Pitt to win this one. They played well versus Penn State last week in their victory, and held off a late-game push by the Lions. James Conner looks to be a force in the backfield again as well. OK St. lost last week on a Hail Mary that should’ve never even happened; I think they are still feeling the affects of that, while Pitt gained a ton of momentum in last week’s win.

Mississippi St +14 vs. LSU

— Can LSU even muster 14 points to cover this spread? How can a program like LSU not find a half-decent QB every year? On the other hand, it looks like Miss St. found their guy in dual-threat Nick Fitzgerald. I’m not saying Miss St. wins, but it’s gonna be closer than 14.

Oklahoma vs. Ohio State, the over 63

— Both teams possess high-powered offenses, each with an experienced, seasoned signal caller. I like this game to go well over 63, with both teams scoring 30+ each.

Stanford -8.5 vs. USC

— I like Stanford to cover easily in this one. Even though it was the first game of the season, USC looked like a JV team against Bama in their Week 1 loss. Stanford looks like they’re going be their steady selves again this year. Two weeks to prepare and a steady dose of McCaffrey should do the trick for the Cardinal.


Georgia -7 vs. Mizzou

— UGA struggled last week versus lack-luster competition. I think they make a statement in this game, with their backfield leading the way. They should run right over Mizzou.

Riverboat Dassey’s Week 2 picks

By Dang Ol’ Dassey

Iowa -15 vs. Iowa State

— A fringe playoff team last year that lost virtually no key contributors going up against a bottom 2 Big 12 program. Rivalry be damned, especially now that Iowa understands how much “style points” can mean down the stretch.

Texas Tech (ML) over Arizona State

— Spread is only +3 anyway, screw the points and take home more money here. Plus, TTU has an incredibly dynamic QB in Patrick Mahomes who puts up massive numbers.

San Diego State -6.5 (BUY HALF POINT) vs. Cal

— While Houston is getting all of the Group of 5 attention at the moment, it very well may be SDSU with the better chance at the playoff come December. With one of the best RBs in the nation (Donnel Pumphrey), they will run teams into the ground a la Stanford.

Cincinnati -5 vs. Purdue

— Purdue hasn’t been relevant since the days when Rudy’s pain-in-the-ass neighbor would give his dad shit about putting them on the TV. Couple that with the fact that Cincy is trying hard to impress the Big 12 this season and this one should be comfortable for the Bearcats.


Virginia Tech +11 vs. Tennessee

— I’ll be honest here, I really don’t want to bet this game, but I feel inclined to because it really is the perfect storm of white trash. Or as I like to call it: The Marty Smith Bowl. I love Marty and the idea of this game a lot more than the matchup itself. Stories of the debauchery and incest at this tailgate will live on for generations within those Rocky Top mountains, and as a Mountaineer, I am pretty upset our brand of white trash wasn’t picked to represent Appalachia here. If there’s ever another one of these abominations, I will campaign for months to get WVU some white trash glory, cause we can trash it out with the best of ’em (ask LSU fans). Alas, I guess I’ll go with VT because Tennessee looked like dogshit last week, and was actually outplayed. Plus, I still believe in Beamer Ball for some reason.


Navy -4 vs. UConn

— This line is pretty shocking to me as Navy is at home and consistently has one of the best running games in the nation year in and year out. Navy had a solid win last week against a sneaky-good Fordham program, while UConn struggled mightily with Maine. In the Annapolis heat, Navy should have an easy time running the Huskies into the ground and blowing the game open in the second half.


— Now, this is a bet that was always near and dear to my heart when I was a student drinking 7 a.m. to 4 a.m. on gamedays in college. In essence, this is a wild parlay meant for the afternoon/evening games that you drunkenly punch into your phone after feeling good about the noon games. For me, as a Mountaineer with a lot of career noon game tailgates, these happened more often than now with mostly subpar success…BUT they are fun as all hell to throw $5 to $10 on and see what happens. Helluva lot more fun than a scratchoff anyway. DANG OL’ FOOSBALL, YO.

Duke -6.5 (BUY HALF POINT) vs. Wake Forest

Alabama -29 vs. Western Kentucky  ROLL

Ohio +2 vs. Kansas

Ohio State -29 vs. Tulsa

TCU -6.5 (BUY HALF POINT) vs. Arkansas

Lines proved by (9-9-16 @ 9:30 p.m.)

Week 2 gambling picks

By Dillon Durst


Kentucky +16.5 vs. Florida and the under 49

— It’s been 30 years since Kentucky last beat Florida. The Wildcats came close to ending the perennial ass-whipping streak last year at home, but lost, 14-9. Here’s what we know: The Gator’s defense will be good, but their offense will almost inevitably struggle. In last week’s 24-7 win over UMass, Florida’s D held the Minutemen to just 187 yards of total offense, but still entered the fourth quarter clinging to a 13-7 lead. The offense mustered 363 yards — 256 came from quarterback Luke Del Rio — and managed only 107 rushing yards, while committing 8 penalties (80 yards). This may very well be the year that Kentucky knocks off the Gators, but I don’t foresee many points being scored in the process, and I don’t think Florida’s capable of beating any SEC team by 16 points right now.

South Carolina at Mississippi State, the under 46.5

— South Carolina scored just 13 points against Vanderbilt last week, while Mississippi State lost to South Alabama, 21-20. That tells you all just about all you need to know right there.

Arkansas +7.5 vs. TCU and the under 57.5

— TCU hung 59 points on South Dakota State last week, but allowed the Jackrabbits to score 41. Meanwhile, Arkansas grinded out a 21-20 win over Louisiana Tech in Week 1, which wasn’t too impressive, either. I give the edge here to the Hogs’ ground game and their ability to wear down opposing defenses and control the clock.

Tennessee vs. Virginia Tech, the under 54

— Bud Foster is one of the brightest defensive minds in the game, and will certainly have VT’s D ready to play. But, if the Vols play like they’re capable of, they should win this one by two scores.


Pittsburgh (ML) over Penn State

Western Kentucky +28.5 vs. Alabama

Texas Tech +2.5 vs. Arizona State

Oregon -24.5 vs. Virginia